Ice-T Issues Stark Warning Over Murder Rate & Drug Use Among New Generation Of Rappers 

Ice-T claims that while his peers “got the memo” after ‘Pac and Biggie’s murders, the current generation needs “to get a hold of itself.”

Ice-T has shared his concerns for the future of the current generation of rappers, claiming something must be done about the number of deaths among rap artists.

The gangsta rap pioneer reflected on the longevity of the genre during a talk at Essence Fest over the weekend alongside fellow trailblazer KRS-One. Ice-T explained his fears for artists and mentioned the recent slew of rappers getting locked up. He also pointed to the rate of rappers dying due to drug use or murder, including the likes of XXXTENTACION, Pop Smoke, Nipsey Hussle and Takeoff.  

“I think people from my generation are really upset with what’s going on with the youngsters because every week somebody’s going to jail. People are dying off drugs, killing each other,” Ice T shared, per People.  

According to Ice T, his generation of rappers “got the memo” after the murders of 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. in September 1996 and March 1997, respectively. “Everybody calmed down. We all figured this out: We [were] rapping to get out of the streets,” he added. 

Ice-T Calls Out The New Generation Of Rappers

The Law & Order: SVU star questioned how many more of their peers have to die before the younger generation of rappers makes a change.  

“But the youngsters who are out here behaving like that, these kids are millionaires,” Ice-T continued. “So I don’t know how many young people gotta get lost, I don’t know which one might trigger that message, but I think it’s time for this generation to get a hold of itself.” 

During a recent episode of Drink Champs, Ice-T revealed he rarely returns to his hometown in L.A. because it’s too violent. 

“We have gangs and the gangs are extremely dangerous; I don’t really f### around in L.A.,” Ice-T added, claiming that while he “survived” the city, he doesn’t go back. “Do you go back to prison for a visit?” he asked.  

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