Ice-T Plans For A Unique Future In The Metaverse, Film/TV And Even Family


Ice-T is taking his voice and likeness into the future with an artificial intelligence that everybody can use.

Ice-T is the living definition of the modern multihyphenate.

As an artist, he has encompassed Hip-Hop, rock, acting, commercial endorsements, business and more. Now, the gangsta mogul is looking decidedly into the future with a new technology that allows one to clone their views for a myriad of uses.

My Legacy Voice is “legacy management service” that stores and protects audio so that it can later create a cloned version of the person’s voice for loved ones and family.

Ice-T, who has an unspecified stake in the company, said it is perfect for him.

“They can clone your voice and they can use it for different applications. You can clone it so that later on in life your kids can hear you talk,” he told AllHipHop. “Say they want me to do a voiceover for an animation or something like that. They can take the vocal clone and use it instead of you actually having to be there.”

Ice admitted My Legacy Voice is not quite ready for all of his talents.

“Now, it can’t rap yet. It can’t sing yet, but it talks,” he said. The pioneering rapper admitted that he needed some convincing when considering adding My Legacy Voice to his growing business portfolio.

“So, I’m listening to this pitch and I’m like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.” Probably still not that dope, but they clone my voice, Chuck. They used my interviews in different places. They had heard me talk and they sent back a clone of my voice.”

Ice said that he’s already open to using it in some of his Hollywood ventures.

Ice-T said, “I was on ‘Rick and Morty’ and I was in Europe, and they were doing an animated thing on me and they wanted my voice, but I was unavailable. I could’ve sent the clone.”

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