Ice-T & Coco Ride Out Over Snitches In New Video!

Ice-T is officially back with a new song called “Too Old For Dumb Sh#t” – check it!

(AllHipHop News) Ice-T blurs the lines between reality and fiction with his new video, “Too Old For Dumb Sh#t,” which premiered on AllHipHop. The song is the the latest in a cinematic trilogy that the rap vet is promoting. 

Last July, the West Coast representer debuted “Feds In My Rearview” and that goes hand in hand with the newer song. 

“I said, you – know what – I’ve been in film. What if I made a trilogy where the videos were as important as the song and do one, two, three songs that tell like a story of this criminal that’s going through these different things,” Ice T told “So the ‘Feds’ trilogy is three songs, I did it out of order like George Lucas (“Star Wars” director). I’m releasing ‘Too Old For The Dumb S##t‘ which is actually Part 1 in the series”

The song comes out via Mick Bentson’s Pay Up Records and Ice-T’s Final Level Records with wide distribution through Empire Records. The song is available on all streaming services.

In the video, Ice is surrounded by his crew, but feels like he is being followed. His team realizes there is a snitch in the crew and they have to deal with it accordingly. However, the video begins to meld into the rapper’s real life with the inclusion of Coco and their daughter Chanel, who both make guest appearances. 

Ice has revealed the next video to AllHipHop exclusively in a new interview that is forthcoming. Look for it soon!

To buy the new song, click right here and purchase from any one of the outlets listed.