Iggy Azalea Laughs Off “Blackfishing” Claims In Her New Video

Iggy Azalea denies Blackfishing

Iggy Azalea is laughing off claims that she darkened her skin in her latest video!

Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea has Black women losing their minds … again.

The white rapper with the Australian accent is accused of “blackfishing” with a strange early 2000s E.V.E. flow (and Ruff Ryder bike rides) in her new video for the song “I am the Stripclub.”

What in the name of “Fake-posterior and Kardashian-HIP-notics” is going on?

Twitter exploded on Iggy Azalea with claims of cultural appropriation African-Americans as well as an LGBTQIA jack. The social media site popped off crazy as the Billboard award-winner is seen rapping with black hair and what appears to be a darkly tanned face and body.

“So Iggy Azalea went from appropriating Black culture to just straight-up blackface?”

“Iggy Azalea look damn near dark skin in that blackface; no matter how much black c##k you suck you are a white Australian woman who referenced being a “slave master” in one of your numerous failed records. Stank

And guess what … the girl that once came after one of the greatest rappers and producers in Hip-Hop, Q-Tip, dared to respond.

“I didn’t see any comment about the work recreation look, or the single cover art. It’s all the same makeup… very weird behavior. Let’s do the black wig again tomorrow! Hhahaha”

“I’m the same color as the other white dancer in the room and not anywhere close to the color of the black dancers. People will say ANYthing to try and cancel me and it’s actually kinda funny to watch people so worked up over a black wig and Smokey eye,” she said defending herself from the allegations.

“I am the Stripclub” is racing up the charts because so many people are giving her shine.