Iggy Azalea Shows Off New Tattoo For Her Son With Playboi Carti

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea just unveiled some brand new ink paying homage to her little son Onyx, whom she shares with Playboi Carti! Check it out!

Iggy Azalea has unveiled a new tattoo that honors her son.

The “Fancy” rapper took to Instagram to share a photo of her newest tattoo, a cherub with the banner “Onyx Orion” across his midsection. The tattoo serves as a tribute to her son Onyx Kelly, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Playboy Carti.


The body art covers a large portion of the rapper’s upper arm.
“My new favorite & most special tattoo!” Iggy wrote in the caption. “It makes me sooo happy that this was executed by a talented woman. @luahillsart Thank you again!”

She spoke about the experience on Twitter on April 18th before revealing the tattoo itself. When a fan asked if it hurt much, Iggy replied, “So much! It’s a single needle tattoo and so the whole thing felt like the pain of that first outline. But it’s so nice.”

Iggy confirmed the arrival of Onyx in June 2020.