Iggy Azalea Quits Twitter


Unfortunately, Iggy Azalea has been plagued with Twitter drama throughout her career. Besides the fact that she often uses her 140 characters to respond to critics and haters, the “Goddess” rapper is often sent less than nice tweets that slam her music, her outfits and anything else that trolls feel like attacking her for.  The 24-year-old has also clapped back at fellow celebs who have critiqued or ridiculed her including Azealia Banks, Eve, Jill Scott, Q-Tip, Tyler the Creator and many others. Her mentor, T.I recently, said that he wants her to stop responding to the haters by venting on her timeline and his wish is coming true. Iggy has quit Twitter, saying all the negativity she endures is changing her for the worse.

Read her tweets where she bid her farewell to social media below.

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38 thoughts on “Iggy Azalea Quits Twitter”

  1. …she can’t leave twitter, her label won’t let her…this game not for her! She’s unhappy. Let’s see if she will trade money and fame for a normal life…

      1. I just got off the phone with Ja. He said he’s on his way and he’s bringing ’03 Fifty Cent with him! The streets aint ready!!!

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  4. Why we ain’t talking bout that new cyhi the prynce black history project 2 NAACP …,,this black history month ? ain’t it this all hip hop ain’t it? Y’all steady pumping this bitch helping this bitch get grammy’s then crying bout it.,,fuk wrong wit dis shit.,,

      1. Is that a Cyhi reference? Cuz I don’t get it. I couldn’t take dude serious after his “So Appalled” verse.

      2. My nigga Cyhi is not corny. He’s one of the most clever and underrated mc’s out there right now. Dont believe me go listen to royal flush 2 or black hystori project. Peep game before you judge the nigga.

      3. If dont like him I dont like him. You enjoy his music, good for you. He corny as fvck to me. end of story.

      1. LOL. Nice one bruh. I see what you did there. Old dude on the phone with the collection agency. Take this up vote.

  5. Twitter will f*ck your mind. Either way this chick was dumb trying to beef with people over the internet. My only response to a hater would be posting pictures of a fat roll of money. Like 10k.

  6. How come when she raps she sounds country, but when she talks she has an Australian accent? I understand that rappers change/ play with voices, but that seems extra to me. I still like the song fancy though. She needs to get used to it. All the big dogs have to deal with the same issues, she is not the special little flower getting picked on. I understand she’s new though. Want to be a famous rapper?…..Here is the stuff that comes with it!

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