Insurance Company Sues Offset For “Auto-Negligence” After Woman Gets Severely Injured In Crash


An insurance company has filed a lawsuit against Offset after he allegedly drove negligent and injured a woman. Read more!

An insurance company has filed a lawsuit against Offset, one of the founding members of Migos, regarding a car accident in Encino, California, that happened almost two years ago.

Mercury Insurance Company filed the claim in Los Angeles Superior Court. The company accuses the Atlanta native of auto-negligence.

The accident happened on November 11th, 2020, near the US 101 freeway. 

According to Radar Online, “Clout” chart-topper was driving a 2018 Dodge Charger when he struck Silvestre Cruz Gutierrez, who was operating her 2019 Honda Civic. 

Mercury Insurance Company covers her.

Driving in the car with Gutierrez was a woman named Maria Salina Lopez. The insurance company alleges that Offset and/or the person driving negligently caused the crash. 

The insurance company further stated that the vehicle and the celebrity rapper were uninsured.

“The insurance policy described above-included collision coverage, insuring the Honda for damages sustained,” Mercury Insurance said in the lawsuit before noting Gutierrez’s car was “damaged, destroyed, depreciated, diminished in value, and necessitated repairs and towing charges in the sum of $10,605.73.”

It continued, “the owners of the Honda were deprived of the use of their said vehicle to their damage in the sum of $1,090.27.”

According to Mercury Insurance Company, Lopez suffered severe bodily injuries and emotional distress, “all of which caused and will continue to cause great physical and mental pain and suffering, resulting in temporary and permanent disability, and a loss of earning capacity, causing a loss earnings, and requiring her to incur obligations for medical expenses and other special damages.”

As a result, Mercury Insurance said it paid $15K to Lopez on the policy and added with the person who is the policyholder, they paid $26,696 — and want the rapper to pay it back.

They want to be fully reimbursed and are also suing for interest.