International Tension Erupts Between China And Canada Over Wu-Tang T-Shirt


The legendary Wu-Tang Clan is caught in the middle of a brewing war between China and Canada! 

The Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nuthing ta f###… that is true. Just ask China. 

A Canadian company “mistakenly” printed “Wuhan” Clan on a shirt, instead of the Staten Island Hip-Hop group. 

Someone working for the Canadian Beijing Embassy staff ordered the shirt and believed that there was no mix-up and that the staff member ordered the shirt to mock China since the global coronavirus pandemic is believed to have started in Wuhan, a city in the province of Hubei.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said to the press that they need Canada to “thoroughly investigate the incident and give China a clear explanation.”

Canadian media reports claim that there has already been an apology issued surrounding the “mix-up.” But China is not having it at all, especially since the two nations have been at odds for a few years.

Canada has a top Chinese businesswoman named Meng Wanzhou in custody under fraud charges, who has been the center of debate for both governments since 2018.

Wanzhou says that she is innocent and that the United States is behind her incarceration as a ploy to stop Chinese growth.

The Chinese have been trying to get her free and have even suspiciously “detained” an ex-Canadian diplomat named Michael Kovrig and businessman Michael Spavor, and implemented the death penalty to a drug dealer that has Canadian roots.

It seems the Chinese are implementing the ill Shaolin tactics to get their girl back… wonder what RZA has to say about this.