Investigation Into Grand Jury Misconduct In Michael Brown Shooting Case Could Delay Possible Charges


(AllHipHop News) Social media played a huge role in the shooting of Michael Brown becoming national news, and it seems social media could play a role in the delay of possible charges against his killer. The Washington Post reports that an investigation is being launched into apparent misconduct by a member of the grand jury reviewing whether to charge officer Darren Wilson for Brown’s death.

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The St. Louis County prosecutor’s office received information about one person on the jury discussing the case with a friend. A Twitter user posted a tweet claiming to be friends with someone on the jury who has expressed his or her belief that there is not enough evidence for Wilson to be arrested. The Twitter user has also apparently tweeted messages of support for Wilson in the past.

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All information provided during a grand jury hearing is to be kept secret. If there was a violation of the rules, the prosecutors may have to reconvene an entire new panel.

“If this allegation is true and there is a member of the grand jury who is discussing the case with a Darren Wilson supporter the appropriate thing for the prosecutor to do is impanel a new grand jury,” said Brown family attorney Ben Crump. “If this person is discussing the case outside of the grand jury it is wholly inappropriate. It’s an issue of fairness for Michael Brown’s family.”

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