Irv Gotti Confirms Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff Gave His Blessings For A Movie

Irv Gotti is dismissing 50 Cent claims that he blocked Irv Gotti’s movie about Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff so he can make his flick.

(AllHipHop News) Murder Inc. boss Irv Gotti has confirmed he is working on a new movie about the Supreme Team.

Last week, Chris Gotti claimed actor Jamie Foxx was on board to star as Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff in a new movie about the drug dealing crew from Queens, New York. 

Chris Gotti told The Outlaws Radio Show on iHeartRadio that Jamie Foxx was confirmed for the untitled movie, which would center around the drug-dealing operations of the Supreme Team in Queens, New York.

Fellow Southside, Queens New York rapper 50 Cent has been feuding with Irv Gotti, Ja Rule and Kenneth McGriff for over two decades, rooted in part over an infamous incident in 2000, when 50 Cent was shot nine times.

50 got wind of the news and chimed in, claiming he blocked Jamie Foxx from starring in the flick saying he was producing his own movie with a member of the Supreme Team, James “Bimmy” Antney. 

However, Irv Gotti just fired back at 50, saying he had the exclusive rights to the Supreme Team story, sanctioned by Kenneth McGriff himself. 

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“Coming Soon The Supreme Team Documentary and The Supreme Team Movie. 2020!! It’s coming!!” Irv Gotti said on IG. 

He also said he and Kenneth McGriff were executive producing a new conceptual album to accompany both projects. 

“And please don’t get it f##ked up. I am the only person that can make these projects with the full blessing of PREME. Period. Don’t believe anything else,” Irv Gotti said, before wishing Supreme a happy birthday.