Is Kanye West Spreading Rumors About Kim Kardashian’s New Man, Pete Davidson?

Kanye West

Sources say that Kanye can’t stop talking about the popular comedian.

Kanye … Please say it’s not true.

Rumors have made it to the headlines stating that billionaire rapper, Kanye is actually a “bully-inaire,” using his power, money, and resources to spread nasty rumors about Pete Davidson.  It is alleged that the “Jesus is King” rapper is telling people that Pete Davidson, his baby mom’s current boyfriend, has AIDS and is gay.

It seems Kanye is obsessed with Davidson. In an interview with Jason Lee, he mentioned that Kim K brought him to Saturday Night Live and kissed Davidson in front of him. He also mentioned that Davidson was in his old house with his kids and that security stopped him from coming in once while he was there. On a verse on the new The Game song, titled “My Life Was Never Eazy,” he said, “God saved me from that crash / Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass.”

And now, he is saying, according to Page Six, that the man has an incurable virus, is a drug addict and that he is gonna get him beat up.

DJ Akademiks is one person that floated this.

“A n—a told me, this is real talk, Kanye has been telling anyone within an earshot of himself, he’s trying to spread a rumor that Pete Davidson has AIDS.,” Akademiks said on Twitch. “I’m telling you this is a fact. I’ve heard this from eight people. He’s telling everybody!”

The influencer continued, “I’m telling you, this is a fact. Bruh, if you gotta spread a rumor that the n—a f–kin’ your wife got AIDS, you burnt out, bro. Wrap it up. It’s over.”

Yeezy’s people have denied these claims, the trade states. However, Davidson’s people say they have heard things but choose to ignore them out of respect for Kim Kardashian.