Is Nicki Minaj Gonna Have To Pay Reparations To Safaree?


OH SNAP! Reparations are usually what Black people want from America for all that free labor during slavery. But, it seems like Safaree, Nicki’s ex, wants a piece of the pie! SCAFF BREEZY reportedly wants to get paid for the work he did on three of Nicki’s albums — The Pink Print, Pink Friday and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

Apparently, he says he helped write other songs like “Only” featuring Chris Brown, Drake and Lil Wayne, “Flawless (Remix)” with Beyonce and “Feeling Myself” with Beyonce, according to TMZ.

Now, when he takes it to your chest, he takes it to your chest! He’s apparently got a “boatload” of evidence to support his claims that he helped write for Nicki. he says he’s got voice memos, videos, studio footage and many witnesses to support his claims. Lastly, he says that being executive producer of the first two albums ads more validity to what he wants.

We’re told Safaree will present a boatload of proof he was super involved in Nicki’s work. His evidence includes videos of him working with Nicki, voice memos from recording sessions, hours of footage from studio sessions. He says he also has multiple witnesses to validate his contribution.

I’m sure Nicki is like: