J.B Smoove Responds To Mike Epps Saying There Wasn't One Good Comedian In 'Top Five'


Mike Epps hasn’t seen Top Five and he probably won’t anytime soon. Before he questioned why Hollywood keeps giving the movie’s director, Chris Rock, a chance in a recent interview, he put down all the comedians in the film’s cast.

“I don’t know why they called it Top Five,” he said on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “There wasn’t one good comedian in the whole movie.”

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Now one of the film’s stars, J.B Smoove, is speaking up about Epps’ comments, saying he hopes those weren’t his exact words.

“I know Mike very well and I am never one for negative thoughts,” he told VIBE. “I just hope it wasn’t true because there was, maybe, 15 comics in the movie doing amazing things and I don’t see anybody hungry. I don’t see anybody having eggs thrown at them on stage. I don’t see anybody getting booed. I see everybody doing their own thing, having a good time and taking advantage of the blessings we have as comedians to have this amazing voice. To have someone silence that voice, whether directly or indirectly, is not cool.”

Top Five came in at number four at the box office during its opening weekend, grossing over seven million.