J Prince Sends Chilling Message To Takeoff’s Killer & Slams False Narrative


Rap-A-Lot Records founder J Prince issued a lengthy statement about the late Takeoff, who was shot and killed in Houston on November 1.

J Prince commented on the death of Takeoff in an Instagram post on Thursday (November 3).

The Rap-A-Lot Records founder said his heart was broken as he offered condolences to Takeoff’s family and friends. J Prince detailed his anger over the situation and criticized online speculation about the fatal shooting.

“This shouldn’t have happened,” he wrote. “This shouldn’t have ever happened in our city. This shouldn’t have been recorded, and this damn sure shouldn’t be circulating across social media for family, friends and fans to see. As I write this I’m angry about the lack of love and respect we have for one another as a race which keeps bringing us back to the same tragic place of black on black killing.”

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He continued, “They say satan is the author of confusion and right now there are a lot of lies and false narratives being spread by media w#####. I consider myself a man that’s quick to listen and slow to speak, therefore to whomever is responsible for putting that bullet in my little nephew’s head, let it be known that you can’t hide behind me, beside me or anywhere near me because I don’t tolerate dumb s###. I speak these words not knowing [whose] bullet is responsible for his death.”

J Prince also addressed Takeoff’s killer in the lengthy message. The post included a call to stop arguments from escalating to violence.

“With that being said, the root of this tragedy is foolish and has to be owned by the fool,” J Prince wrote. “I will sum this up by saying a gun in the hands of any human that close his eyes to shoot and doesn’t have the proper skills of operating that gun is dangerous and the results usually end with innocent people who had nothing to do with the altercation being shot or killed. To the homies in Georgia and around the world that got love for Takeoff like we do know this: let’s change the narrative in our culture by putting [an] end to every argument or disagreement resulting in violence; it’s okay to live and let live to see another day.”

Takeoff was shot and killed in Houston on November 1. He was 28.