Ja Rule Completes Harvard Business School Course

Ja Rule

The rap star took a rigid course in entrepreneurship and passed with ease!

A lot of times when we mention Ja Rule’s name it is not always positive. Since 50 Cent made a mockery of him, his season “upstate” and the Fyre Festival fiasco, people just have been joking about one of the most creative artists/ businessmen to come out of the Def Jam halls.

Well, this is a praise report.

A celebration.

Virtual pomp and circumstance and digital confetti for the Murder Inc. co-founder.

A few weeks ago, we celebrated his protégé, Ashanti, during the Verzuz battle against Keyshia Cole, and listened to her talk about the records that changed her life. The undercurrent is that Ja Rule was threaded through all of those narratives. Today, we celebrate him for something he did for himself … not for J Lo … Lil Mo … or the former Princess of his label … he just finished at Harvard.

Jeffrey Atkins, the “Put It On Me” rapper, just successfully completed a Harvard Business School Online Certificate Program on “Entrepreneurship Essentials.” In a tweet, he hit the fans with the “I ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer buuuuut…”

On the low, Rule has been on some “super mogul” stuff.

His ICONN tech company has opened doors for artists and fans. The app takes out the middleman that adds barriers for B2C exchanges.

Now, he is ready to take it all the way there… bruh … you get all the virtual pomp and circumstance and digital confetti.