Ja Rule Has Never Watched Fyre Festival Docs At Center Of $100 Million Lawsuit

Ja Rule claims he’s never seen two documentaries exploring the disastrous Fyre Festival, which resulted in multiple lawsuits.

(AllHipHop News) Ja Rule doesn’t feel the need to watch documentaries about the infamous Fyre Festival because he “lived through the moment.”

The hip hop star joined forces with jailed impresario Billy McFarland to promote the 2017 event in the Bahamas, which was labeled a scam after organizers charged attendees between $5,000 and $250,000 per ticket – only to cancel the event almost immediately after attendees arrived at the festival site.

It became the subject of hit documentaries for on-demand services Netflix and Hulu, but the musician won’t be tuning into the flicks anytime soon, confessing he’s “never watched” either of them.

Joking Fyre was “the most iconic festival that never happened”, he told Entertainment Tonight: “I lived through the moment, I lived through all the craziness online, all the backlash of it all. I took it all like a champ like I was the only guy involved in the situation. But it’s OK. It’s cool because going forward, what I’m looking to do, is to make the situation right and have an amazing festival.

“It’s so crazy because I’m a person that doesn’t regret anything. If it happened, it happened. I try to look at everything as the glass half full. There was a lot of bad that came with the Fyre Festival, obviously, but there were some good things there too. A lot of lessons were learned. I’m taking all that into consideration going into my next venture.”

The star went on to insisted the incident hasn’t put him off future ventures, explaining: “Going forward, it’s not like you’re dead and you stop doing business. You’re still going to do business and your life goes on.

“But you’ve learned so much from that failure that you go forward and it makes your moves a hundred times stronger.”