Ja Rule Talks About Original Murder Inc. Photo With Jay Z and DMX; Details New Company


(AllHipHop News) Ja Rule helped set the internet on fire back in October, when he posed for a picture with Jay Z and DMX backstage at Beyonce’s final concert at Jersey’s MetLife Stadium in October.

It was a historic moment for the trio of legendary rappers. who were once part of a fabled group called Murder Inc, but scheduling conflicts and egos prevented the group from ever taking off, according to group member Ja Rule.

“We was just all young and competitive. We all wanted to be number one and I think that just got in the way of us actually putting that project together,” Ja Rule told AllHipHop.com “It’s one of those things in hip hop that you always think about.”

Ja was ambiguous if an official reunion was on the horizon, since their first meeting together as a trio went so well at the Beyonce concert.

“We all think about it, woulda, shoulda, coulda, if it was,” Ja Rule said coyly. “Those my brothers, man. Much love to both of them.”

For now, Ja is focusing on finishing his 8th studio album Coup De Grace, and focusing on his new business ventures like Fyre Media, which presented the relief concert in the Bahamas over the weekend.

On December 10, thousands of fans hit the National Sports Centre, where artists like Sean Kingston and Ashanti hit the stage to raise money for the island.

According to Ja Rule, Fyre is run with his partner Billy McFarland. They were actually inspired by the independence of newer artists like Chance the Rapper.

“I love what Chance is doing out there,” Ja Rule told AllHipHop.com. “I love seeing those type of artists take control of their careers and buck the establishment in a way. You know? Not even to say, “F### you,” but to say, “There’s room here for me too.”

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