Jack Harlow Donates To Organizations In Hometown Of Louisville

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Atlantic Records rapper Jack Harlow gave back to his hometown by donating to multiple organizations and nonprofits in Louisville.

Jack Harlow supported his hometown by making donations to local organizations in Louisville.

The Atlantic Records artist donated to AMPED, the Center for Women and Families, Grace James Academy, and the Louisville Urban League and Metro United Way.

These organizations include a music program, a support system for victims of rape and domestic violence, an all-girls school, and a nonprofit aimed at economic development for underserved urban communities.

“I took some counsel from my mom, she has always had a giving heart, and she’s no stranger to a lot of these organizations,” Harlow told PEOPLE magazine. “Aside from that, I really wanted to dive in and figure out what hit home for me.”

After consulting with his mother, Jack Harlow decided to donate to multiple organizations.

“It was impossible for me to just choose one,” he explained to PEOPLE. “All of these organizations resonated with me and I wanted to make sure there was some range and breadth to the love I was spreading,”

Jack Harlow is no stranger to giving back. He previously donated $500,000 to Kentucky State University and Simmons College of Kentucky. But for his latest donations, he wanted to specifically focus on his hometown.

“It means everything,” Harlow said of Louisville. “It’s my foundation. It’s part of my DNA. People joke about how often I reference my home, but it’s a huge part of my identity and I want you to think of Louisville when you think of me. My career feels like a mission that’s bigger than me.”