Jadakiss Reveals He Never Wanted Signature Laugh On Recordings 


Jadakiss admitted that he never intended for his signature raspy laugh to become the iconic trademark it grew to be.

While Jadakiss’s signature laugh has become something of a trademark for The Lox legend, it only became a feature thanks to an insightful engineer.  

During a recent appearance on the I AM ATHLETE podcast, Jadakiss revealed that he initially used his raspy laugh to break up the monotony between verses while recording in the studio. It also served as a way for him to clear his voice before moving on.  

“My engineer, [Dragan ‘Chach’ Cacinovic], I think he’s from Croatia. Ruff Ryders introduced us to him, and he worked with us for years,” Kiss explained. “I was recording some verses and my voice is so raspy sometimes, I’m clogged up, I would do that as a tension breaker to clear my throat and my voice before I’m about to do the verse.” 

However, it was his engineer that spotted the adlib potential of Jada’s laugh and kept it on the recording. 

“[I] never intended on him keeping it,” Jadakiss admitted. “So I do it, I get out to come hear the verse and he kept it! I’m like, ‘What’s that?’ ‘Nah, you gotta leave that.’ I’m like, ‘iight.’ So then I just started doing it and people started loving it!”  

Once the iconic gravelly laugh debuted on wax, the rest was history.  

“Aunties coming up to me in the morning, ‘Hey, ain’t you that boy who make that sound?’” Jadakiss recalled. “Then it just became my signature trademark.” Check out the clip below and watch the podcast at the end of the page. 

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