Jadakiss Reveals His “Top 5 Voices In Hip Hop” 

Jadakiss broke down his Top 5 rap voices, listing a diverse range, and explained why each artist appeals to him sonically.

While Jadakiss is considered one of the greatest rappers of all time, with one of the genre’s most distinct voices, he was keen to share his thoughts on the Top 5 artists with the best rap voices.  

The Yonkers hitmaker was asked his opinion during the upcoming debut episode of Fresh Pair, hosted by legendary producer Just Blaze and streetwear designer Katty Customs.  

Jadakiss was keen to answer the question, highlighting the importance of a commanding, unique voice.  

“This show is amazing because nobody ever asked me who I think got the Top 5, or Top 3, or any type of voices,” said Jada. “And it took me a while—that’s like, education in music, just to know the different, sonically of people’s voices… Just somebody’s voice can add on what they bring to the table.”  

 Jadakiss, crowned AllHipHop.com’s 2021 Person Of The Year, then listed his favorites, highlighting the distinct tones of each one.  

“Just unique voices for me, as I started learning about it, I think Guru, rest in peace, he had an ill voice,” the rapper continued. “[Method Man], you know, when the Wu came, Meth’s voice was deep and raspy and he has an ill voice. Big, with that nasal…it sounds like he’s having a hard time breathing but that’s making his cadence extra crazy. Tone Loc, gotta shout out Tone Loc. Tone Loc’s voice was ill.” 

His final pick to round off the Top 5 went to Nas, who he rates for his nasal tone. Check out Jadakiss in the clip below.  

Jadakiss Lists His Top 5 Voices In Rap

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