Jake Paul Sets Up Battle Champion Fighter Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva and Jake Paul

Jake Paul has announced he will take on one of the greatest MMA fighters of all-time – Anderson Silva! Read more!

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has lined up a new opponent to fight, securing one of the most battle-ready athletes of his generation, Anderson Silva.

According to TMZ, Paul and the UFC middleweight champion often said to be the greatest MMA fighter ever, will square off in October.

Jake Paul believes in his punch, and believes he will win against the 47-year-old. Running the stats, Jake seems very impressive. At 25 and 6’1, he has a competitive reach of 76 inches, which has helped him have a 5-0 record, winning four by knockout.

As AllHipHop.com reported, in his short career, Jake Paul has triumphed over former NBA player Nate Robinson and two former UFC stars, Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

This is in comparison to Silva, who has beaten names like Julio Caesar Chavez, Jr., Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort, Forrest Griffin, and Tito Ortiz, who stands a 6’2 and has a reach of 74 inches.

Despite all of these accolades, he has an overall record of 34-11-0 as a professional fighter, according to ESPN.

“Mane if Jake Paul beats Anderson Silva ima have to step in the ring.”

“Anderson Silva is a top 3 greatest mixed martial artist of all time. Take a second and watch his highlight reel before calling him a washed up mma guy. This isn’t Tyron Woodley bro.”

“Come one still… we don’t say Jake is the boxing champion of he beats him, we just say that boy is good and needs to level up to fight young boxing champions…”

“Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva isn’t still a fair match-up for JP cuz Silva is 47 years old !! why can’t JP fight a real boxer with same weight class with him for once in his professional boxing career if he wants to be taken seriously!.”