James Rosemond On His Murder Conviction Being Overturned & Future Plans


(AllHipHop News) Last fall, James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond learned his murder-for-hire conviction was overturned.

Rosemond was found guilty of being involved in the killing of G-Unit associate Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher, but the Manhattan U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the judge in the murder case made errors.

However, the former music artist manager is still serving a life sentence for a separate drug trafficking conviction.

He is appealing that sentence as well.

Rosemond’s longtime friend and acclaimed actor Michael K. Williams (The Wire, Kill the Messenger) penned an op-ed about the supposed head of the illegal drug operation of referred to as The Rosemond Organization.

Williams also conducted an interview with the man known in Hip Hop circles as Jimmy Henchman, and AllHipHop.com has access to some excerpts from the exclusive Q&A.

James Rosemond on his state of mind since the conviction has been overturned:

I feel awesome. However my battle isn’t over, but my faith is stronger. A victory vanquishes a lot of things: rumors, haters, lies and myths. It has given me a clean conscience which in turns gives me strength.

I know my God is real and I’ve been able to identify the devil. That’s what victory does, it makes things clear on many levels. It fortifies me also to keep doing the right thing while I’m in here: helping guys get their G.E.D and helping guys learn to read. It’s not a coincidence that majority of these young men in here are illiterate, and I’ve mobilized a few guys to help eradicate it around us, so that’s us doing a little at a time. You would be surprised how grateful guys are.

They don’t have a chance in society without the fundamentals of reading. But one thing that I’m happy about is my children can proudly say their father isn’t a murderer.

Rosemond on his plans after his potential release:

I would first and foremost give thanks for any such blessing, then I would visit the grave of my mother, and third, go see my family. I am not a young man anymore and my mentality is more clear to me. I had to search hard to forgive and to ask for forgiveness.

The wickedness of men runs very deep, sometimes deeper than the kindness of God. Whoever said that jealousy implies affection is wrong. Jealousy has only implied hatred to me. I would keep my friends far and my enemies further.

The experience has traumatized me but I am not broken. I’m sure I will be suffering from PTJD (post traumatic jail disorder). However, my new mantra is, “The will to be free is tantamount to the will to live.” I put too much faith in men before. I will always put God and my family first. You deny me freedom, then God will give it to me. Self exile is an idea but movies is where my passion was at.

Michael K. William is involved in the docu-series Unjust Justice which examines Rosemond’s life and career as well as the drug conspiracy and murder-for-hire cases.

The fourth installment of the Go To Ground production was also recently released. Watch it below.