Jamie Foxx’s Fascination With Pickleball Sped Up His Recovery

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx’s resilient comeback after a health-related interruption was helped by his enthusiasm for pickleball.

Jamie Foxx’s quick return to the film set and dedication to pickleball mark a remarkable recovery from a health scare during “Back in Action” filming in April 2023.

Corrine Foxx, his daughter, expressed her gratitude and relief over her father’s health in an interview with ET, exclaiming, “He’s doing so great, he’s doing amazing.”

The exact cause of Foxx’s hospitalization remains undisclosed, yet the 56-year-old actor has proven resilient.

Corrine, 30, who co-hosts the musical game show “Beat Shazam” with her father, shared insights into his current activities.

“He’s playing a lot of pickleball! That man and pickleball; it’s like he’s playing twice a day every day. It’s a whole thing. He’s fully in it.”

After his health setback, Jamie returned to work on the game show and the Netflix film, “Back in Action.”

Filming on the movie had been halted but resumed, with Jamie Foxx spotted on set in January alongside co-star Cameron Diaz.

An insider said that Jamie maintained a low profile during these shoots, being “very quiet” and “just focused on working.”

In August 2023, three months post-hospitalization, Foxx posted on Instagram about his health, conveying a heartfelt message: “Finally startin’ to feel like myself” after enduring an “unexpected dark journey.” His message resonated deeply with fans.

Cameron Diaz has praised Jamie Foxx for his uplifting presence on set.

“Jamie is, like, the cheerleader for the entire crew,” Diaz said. “Everybody loves him. We have so much fun on the set with him, and he’s just a professional on every level.”