EXCLUSIVE: Jane Doe Desperately Fights To Remain Anonymous In Sex Assault Battle With Trey Songz

A woman who thought she could file an anonymous lawsuit against Trey Songz is appealing a judge’s ruling that she must reveal herself to sue the singer.

(AllHipHop News) An unidentified woman suing Trey Songz for $10 million is not giving up in a battle to remain anonymous.

A woman known only as Jane Doe is planning to appeal a judge’s decision to make her reveal her identity if she plans to pursue her sexual assault lawsuit against the singer.

Jane Doe sued Trey at the top of 2020 alleging he tried to insert his fingers into her v##### while they were celebrating the New Year in Miami back in 2018.

A judge hearing the case found procedural issues with Jane Doe’s filing and ordered the woman to explain why she should not have to reveal her identity.

Jane Doe wrote a letter to Judge Ursula Ungaro and claimed her allegations would bring shame to her Muslim family. She also feared she would be targeted by Islamic extremists and Trey Songz fans.

“I not only fear the reprisals affiliated with my religion but what would also come through the fans of the Defendants if my name were disclosed,” Jane Doe said.

Judge Ungaro didn’t buy Jane Doe’s argument and ruled the psychological harm and reputational damage described by Jane Doe did not warrant anonymity.

But Jane Doe seems bent on shielding herself from the public as she pursues her complaint against Trey Songz.

Jane Doe’s lawyer Andrew Williams is planning to appeal Judge Ungaro’s ruling to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.