Comedian Jay Pharoah Salutes Battle Rappers Geechi Gotti, Math Hoffa and Cassidy in Skit

Former comedian uses his gifts to mimic top tier battlers’ rhymes from their last big battles.

Everybody loves battle rap. That’s just a fact. Commercial rappers. Actors. Athletes. Politicians (Uhm … the president of the United States tapped two of the culture’s titans to help him win the election from Donald Trump).

And even comedians.

Just check the last Super Card on Caffeine with the Ultimate Rap League, comic Def Comedy Jam’s Affion Crockett flipped the coin at Smack’s request during the headlining battle of the night.

However, Affion’s fan moment might have been trumped by former Saturday Night Live talent, Jay Pharoah. Known for spot-on impersonations of Jay-Z, Barack Obama, Denzel Washington, and others, he made known, in a very big way, that not only does he watch battle rap, but he is locked in.

So locked in that he took to social media to render some really close imitations from the Geechi Gotti and Math Hoffa battle, and Cassidy in a series called “If I Were a Battle Rapper.”

(Peep how this the battle that Crockett flipped was Geechi and Math Hoffa.)

He starts off the video by saying, “I am not a battle rapper, but if I was a battle rapper and I was Geechi Gotti battling Math Hoffa, I’d spit something like …”

Philly rapper Cassidy, who just jumped into the comments, couldn’t stop laughing.

Cassidy comment on Jay Pharoah’s Instagram

So, being the skilled showman that Jay Pharoah is, what did he do?

Well … he created a video where he parodied the “Hustler” rapper, a person that he impersonated many times. He starts off similarly saying, “I am not a battle rapper, but if I was a battle rapper and I was Cassidy against anybody, I’d probably spit some bars like …”


And this time, Crockett commented with the dying rolling emojis.

Affion Crockett in Jay Pharoah on Instagram

In both clips he ends with the disclosure, “but hey… I’m not a battle rapper.”

But are we sure? We seem to remember an episode of “Drop the Mic” where he went up against Marlon Winans. Yeah … he’s right … he’s not a battle rapper!