Jay-Z Demands Wisconsin Prosecutors Fire Killer Cop

Jay-Z is putting pressure on Wisconsin’s top state officials to fire a killer cop who has gone down three people with no repercussions.

(AllHipHop News) Jay-Z and officials at his Roc Nation firm are calling on a top Wisconsin prosecutor to fire and charge a police officer accused of fatally shooting three people of color in just five years.

The rap mogul and his team of social justice advocates took out a full-page advertisement in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Thursday, directly addressing Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm and urging him to take action against Wauwatosa officer Joseph Mensah.

The cop is accused of using excessive force in multiple incidents since joining the Wauwatosa Police Department in 2015, with three ending in the deaths of Alvin Cole, Antonio Gonzales, and Jay Anderson.

The open letter begins, “District Attorney Chisholm, Let us start off with a simple question – how many more people must die at the hands of Officer Joseph Mensah?”

They claim Mensah fired a total of 19 shots during the clashes, stating, “His actions demonstrate an utter disregard for the lives of these young men…

“Outside of the three tragedies associated with Mensah, no other fatal shootings by police have taken place in Wauwatosa since Mensah joined the force in 2015. Doesn’t that tell you something?”

The Roc Nation representatives, together with officials from social justice organizations Until Freedom and The Gathering for Justice, go on to demand Chisholm “immediately” fire Mensah and hold him “accountable for his actions and protect Wauwatosa citizens from further tragedy.”

Roc Nation clients the Jonas Brothers have added their voice to the call for action, posting the open letter on their Twitter page to pile on the pressure.

Echoing details in the note, their caption read: “@DAJohnChisholm How many more people must die at the hands of Officer Joseph Mensah? Mensah has recklessly shot and killed THREE men of color, inexplicably failed to enable his dash camera, and failed to render medical aid during these tragic instances. Prosecute him.”

The news emerges amid ongoing Black Lives Matter protests and renewed calls for social and racial justice, sparked by the murder of George Floyd, who was killed at the hands of a white cop in Minnesota in May.