Jay-Z Has Plenty Of Cheese & He’s About To “Milk” The Game Again

Jay-Z is putting his money on plant-based food!

(AllHipHop News) Fetti, bread, cheese, whatever you want to call it, Jay-Z has a lot of it.

And now the rapper is aiming to make millions with his latest investment in a plant-based company called Oatly.

Oatly is already one of the leading producers of oat milk, and the company is hoping to cash in on the growing demand for healthier, plant-based foods.

Earlier this week, Oatly announced they had raised $200 million thanks to an investment from Jay-Z, Oprah Winfrey, Natalie Portman, and an investment firm called Blackstone Group.

Oatly, which is already in 50,000 locations around the world, will use the infusion of cash to build new manufacturing facilities.

Jay-Z and the rest of the investors received about 10% for their $200 million, putting the value of Oatly at just north of $2 billion.

Oatly raked in $200 million in sales last year and according to the BBC and the brand hopes two double that amount to $400 million in 2021.