Jay Z and Roc Nation Come Out On Top In Lawsuit Involving Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant


(AllHipHop News) This week is starting off great for mogul/entrepreneur Jay Z.

In addition to selling a portion of his streaming music service, Tidal, to Sprint for $200 million, Jay and Roc Nation just came out on top in a lawsuit over Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Dez Bryant.

Official Brands filed the lawsuit against Roc Nation in April of 2015, claiming Jay and the Roc swiped the NFL star and interfered with a contract between Dez Bryant and Official Brands.

The lawsuit claimed Roc Nation sabotaged the deal, by blocking lucrative endorsement deals, in addition to convincing Dez Bryant to dump Official Brands in favor of Roc Nation.

Yesterday, Judge Boyle issued her final verdict, which tossed the tortious interference claim.

“The Court concludes that there is, as Roc Nation notes, an utter dirth of evidence to support Plaintiff’s case. Plaintiff itself concedes as much,” Judge Jane Boyle wrote.

It looks like some legal errors on the side of Official Brands lawyers tanked the case against Roc Nation

“To accept Plaintiff’s argument to the contrary requires adopting the misguided belief that Roc Nation and RNS (Roc Nation Sports) are one in the same.

“The Court declines to do so and therefore concludes that Plaintiff’s failure to conduct discovery was the result of its own error,” the judge ruled.

The court accused Official Brands of being negligent in the discovery process of the lawsuit from the beginning and tossed the lawsuit.

“Plaintiff’s effort at discovery here were deficient, not diligent.”