Jay-Z Selling “Reasonable Doubt” As An NFT Through Sotheby’s

Jay-Z and Damon Dash

Jay-Z shut down Damon Dash’s attempt to hawk “Reasonable Doubt” as an NFT, but he’s about to auctioned off himself – kind of.

Jay-Z is planning to shut the entire game down by auctioning his critically-acclaimed debut album, Reasonable Doubt as an NFT.

Yup, the same album that he blocked Dame Dash from capitalizing on earlier this week.

This non-fungible-token will be sold at Sotheby’s in celebration of the release’s 25th anniversary (June 25, 1996).

The Hip-Hop mogul has tapped Baltimore visual artist, Derrick Adams to create the artistic expression to accompany the sale.

This static image that is visible to the public is called “Heir to the Throne.” The cool connection between Reasonable Doubt, Jay-Z and Derrick Adams is the surprise Def Jam connection.

Reasonable Doubt NFT

Jay-Z had a joint venture deal between Roc-a-Fella/ Def Jam that put out the album and Adams’ cousin is Russell Simmons, the founder of the iconic brand.

In a statement, Adams shared his thoughts.

“With this NFT project, we jointly embrace the opportunity to further the conversation about how artists of different mediums contribute to a more inclusive society,” Adams stated.

“My portraits aim to capture the sensibility, optimism, and beauty of urban life, and in Jay’s work I’ve found tremendous kinship,” he concluded.

Jay may have found kinship with Adams, but he has severed that “familiar bond” with his former partner, Dame Dash.

Despite Damon Dash helping Jigga get put on, and in some people’s minds masterminding the early success of the Roc-a-Fella brand, he has not been allowed to capitalize on the project that he was so instrumental in blowing up.

A New York judge ruled that Damon has no right to sell the album or any rights to it.

At least this is going for the greater good; a portion will go to the Shawn Carter Foundation.

The bidding starts at $1,000, and the auction closes on Friday morning, July 2. It is already close to $10,000 by the publishing of this report.