Jay-Z’s Ultimate Fan Arrested For Trying To Sneak On To A Plane To See The Rap Star

A weird incident involving a Jay-Z fan sent a woman to jail, after she tried to hop a plane just to see the billionaire rap mogul!

So you think you are the number one Jay-Z fan in the world? 

Been following him since Reasonable Doubt? Know all 13 studio albums, 5 compilations, and 5 collaborative projects, 2 live albums, that one soundtrack, and one mixtape, and even remember him rocking with Jaz-O in the 80s — on some “Hawaiian Sophie” sh**t? You a fan, fan … huh?

Well, Yaazmina Payton, 23, got you beat.

The Chicago native loves Hov so much that she snuck on a plane bound to Los Angeles at the O’Hare International Airport (without a ticket) to possibly see the rapper, Jay-Z.

According to a police report, Payton, 23, was picked up at the Chicago airport on Sunday, November 8 after someone reported that she “boarded an airplane without proper documentation.”

If you travel a lot, you know that TSA is a doozy to get through, but somehow Payton circumvented the scans and uncomfortable pat-downs. In fact, according to what the prosecutors told a Chicago judge on Monday, November 9th, the Gen Zer was captured after she tried to scoot under the ropes to get to an American Airlines boarding door in Terminal 3 to get to California. 

A ticket agent noted that she had no ticket or boarding pass. She was arrested without incident and charged with felony criminal trespass. You are probably scratching your head like … huh? How did she get past Big Bertha over at TSA?

Payton told the authorities that when the TSA officer was not looking, she pushed past into the security area.

A court-appointed representative told the judge that the Jigga fan suffers from several mental health challenges, PTSD, and anxiety disorder. She was released on $500 bail and is now banned from coming back to the airport. 

Dang… talk about a “Hard Knock Life!”

A spokesman Sonny Lorrius said, “The safety and security of all travelers are our top priority.” Uhm … do you believe them?