Jeezy Seeking Full Custody Amid Claims Jeannie Mai Failed Motherly Duties

Jeannie Mai Jeezy

A rift between Jeezy and Jeanie Mai’s family life has led to a serious legal dispute and custody battle.

Jeezy has intensified the ongoing custody battle for his daughter by filing for sole custody, branding his estranged wife, Jeannie Mai, an “absentee mother.” The legal move comes amid a high profile divorce between the two, as documents reveal Jeezy’s dissatisfaction with Mai’s parenting, attributing it to her hectic schedule as a television host.

The documents filed by Jeezy, claims his daughter, Monaco, has been primarily cared for by Mai’s mother and brother, not Mai herself. His concern is rooted in the claim that Mai’s commitments to “The Talk” have left her incapable of fulfilling her duties as a mother, resulting in inadequate attention toward their daughter.

Jeezy’s legal strategy now seeks to place Monaco under his exclusive guardianship, suggesting he’s better equipped to provide the day-to-day care Monaco requires. The custody dispute unfolds against the backdrop of a bitter divorce between Jeezy and Mai, which was first announced in September 2023. Allegations have flown from both sides, with charges of infidelity miring the proceedings. The tensions have only escalated with disagreements over the care and custody of their daughter.

Jeezy has lamented the loss of his parental rights, claiming that Mai has obstructed his parenting time over the last couple of months. Despite the contentious legal battles and personal accusations, both Jeezy and Mai have vowed to remain publicly respectful toward each other. Jeezy has expressed the decision to part ways was neither quick nor easy, maintaining that he holds a degree of love and respect for Mai.

Conversely, Mai has focused on navigating the challenges of their divorce “day by day,” with special attention to their daughter’s well-being while continuing career obligations.