Jeezy’s Mom Passes; Rapper Pens Loving Tribute


Rap star Jeezy laid his mother to rest, and he let the world know just how special she was in a touching post on social media.

There truly is no pain like losing a mother and Atlanta rapper Jeezy gave his fans a glimpse into his broken heart with a post on his Instagram.

The lengthy caption revealed that his mother taught him to be a man when he was living his life like a “boy,” encouraging him to be a father to his offspring (suggesting that he needed that extra push to assume the responsibility).

The “Love in the Club” artist shed light on how she encouraged him through deep moments of doubt. He wrote:

“You lifted me when I was down. Inspired me when I had no inspiration. Always told me I was Bigger than my circumstances. My Super Hero. Feared nothing or no one.. No obstacle or setbacks. One of the only people in the world I could trust. When I had nothing or no one, I had you Mamma. You was hard on me. I thank you for that. You gave me confidence when I didn’t have any. Made me feel like I can put the world on my back and walk barefoot.”

One thing that he mentions that most certainly led to him being the multi-hyphenate that he is today is that she did not hold his past against him.

“You never judged or down talked my dreams. Or my downfalls. You just encouraged. I thank GOD you got a glimpse of the Man and Woman you raised.”

“All the good we gave to world all because you gave it to us,” he continued. “My faith is strong. I know God has you now. We let heaven borrow our Angel. Kiss my brother Michael. Tell em we love him. And to take care of you. You are in a better place. Dancing and singing to your favorite songs. With that beautiful smile on your face…”

“I will continue to make you proud. I LOVE YOU MOMMA. FORVER MY MOMMA’S BABY ❤️🙏🏾”

Momma Jeezy’s cause of death has not been shared.