Jeremih Has Almost Beaten COVID-19; Singer Out Of IC

Members of Jeremih’s family has delivered some really great news – the singer is on the road to recovery.

News has emerged that R&B singer Jeremih is recovering from his recent COVID-19 diagnosis quicker than many have expected.

He has moved from the ICU and now is in a recovery room.

His family is speaking out to his fans noting that over the last week, while he was in intensive care, he has been fighting the novel coronavirus with all that he has.

He has a medical team that will now help him start his journey to total recovery. Fans and friends, even some that are celebrities like 50 Cent, have used social media as a means of support. Warm wishes not only meant a lot to him but also his family.

For that, his people have publicly given thanks.

Now the tough road to “true healing” begins.

This report is a remarkable 180 from last week.

It seemed that the “Don’t Tell ‘em” singer was in bad shape, with many believing he might not make it. It was even reported that he was on a ventilator.

The global pandemic has taken a ghastly toll on America and has had a concentrated effect on Black and brown communities. There have been over 12 million cases and 254 thousand deaths.

Statistics say that 1 out of every 1000 Black Americans has died from Covid- 19, almost double that of white deaths, which is more like 1 in 2100.