Jewish Cemetery Vandalized, Stupid Criminals Wrote ‘Kanye is Rite’

Kanye West

A cemetery in a suburban Chicago community, owned and operated by a Jewish people, has been vandalized by antisemitic Kanye supporters.

A cemetery in a suburban Chicago community owned and operated by Jewish people has been vandalized. 

Someone capitalized on Kanye West’s recent antisemitic statements and disgraced almost 40 headstones of deceased Jews.

According to the NY Post, Waukegan Police Department officers were called to investigate derogatory graffiti on stones in the Am Echod Jewish Cemetery. 

On Monday, November 14th, the vandals defaced the sacred burial sites by writing in red spray paint messages of antisemitic hate and drawing about 16 swastikas. At least one of the headstones said, “Kanye was rite,” misspelling the word “right.”

The Twitter page of Stop Antisemitism wrote, “’Kanye is Rite’ graffiti found spray painted in red, appearing like blood, on Jewish tombstones at a cemetery in Chicago. We have no words for this depravity and evil.”

As reported by, over the last couple of months, the producer-turned-rapper-turned-fashion designer has been publicly speaking out against European Jewish people, blasting them by saying they are not the original Jewish people and claiming they have dishonest business practices in Hollywood, law, and media.

As a result of his bigoted remarks, he lost his deal with Adidas and several other businesses and personal relationships, dropping his net worth from $2 billion to less than $500 million.

So compromised are his finances that after his recent fall from grace (this is also considering he had $6.6 billion in June), he had to stop construction on his Malibu home that he bought for $57 million.