Jidenna Rejects Old School Hip Hop Heads’ Beliefs About Modern Masculinity

“We’re a new generation now.”

(AllHipHop News) Jidenna has been on a press run to support his new album 85 to Africa. Recently, Brooklyn emcee Torae caught up with the 34-year-old singer-songwriter in Atlanta to talk about the project.

The conversation at Pandora also included Jidenna sharing his thoughts on modern teenagers and young men embracing new archetypes of masculinity. Plus, he celebrated gender nonconformity and distanced himself from the more conservative viewpoints on sexuality.

“I can’t deal with the old generation. The stuff my uncle believes is not what I believe, the stuff that old school Hip Hop heads believe. We’re a new generation now. Certain things like walking around with a clutch in the 1990s wouldn’t have flown. Now it does and I’m proud of us for doing that,” stated Jidenna.

The “Tribe” performer went on to say that homosexuality was present in pre-colonial Africa. Jidenna even told the audience in attendance that both openly gay and lesbian monarchs ruled on the continent throughout history and certain African communities engaged in rites of passage ceremonies that involved man-on-man sex as a way to empower the initiates.