Jim Jones Meets NYC Mayor Eric Adams, Plans Follow-Up To Discuss Harlem Issues 

Jim Jones Mayor Eric Adams

Jim Jones and mayor Eric Adams set up a meeting to discuss the Dipset rapper’s plans regarding community outreach in Harlem.

Jim Jones is on a mission to make Harlem a better place, and plans to work with NYC Mayor Eric Adams to achieve it.  

The” We Set The Trends” hitmaker knew he wanted to speak up for his city after learning the mayor wanted to meet him, and so he seized the opportunity to tell Adams his desire to sit down with him to discuss community outreach in Harlem.  

The mayor stopped by Jim Jones’ dressing room for his guest appearance at Drake’s recent concert at Harlem’s Apollo Theater. The Dipset rapper shared a video of their introduction, explaining that he wants to meet Adams again to talk about issues affecting Harlem residents. 

“Got th chance to meet th @nycmayor,” Jim Jones wrote on Instagram. “Got a call from a friend said he was comin to Th concert last night and he wanted to stop by my dressing to meet me.” 

Jim thought the request was “very fly” but also wanted to ensure he made the “most impactful” introduction. “This my first time meetin any mayor from ny and he’s a black mayor which I’m a very proud to see,” he added. “Someone who looks like me in a position of power and is takin th steps to help turn th city round from experience and political position.” 

He then explained that while he’s not the most ‘politically correct’ he understands “politics as usual,” and wants to speak up for his community. “There r so many things we need here in our city of Harlem Nyc,’ he wrote, adding that he’s the best person to express those concerns.  

He also acknowledged that the problems can’t be fixed overnight, “but every step forward is a step closer.” 

“Harlem ur always on my mind n in my heart but I’m 1 person we gotta do it together each one teach one,” Jim Jones concluded.  

Mayor Eric Adams & Jim Jones Plan Follow-Up Meeting

As shown in the video, the mayor is on board to meet with Jim Jones. The pair exchanged numbers and plan to meet later in the week.  

Check out the video below.  

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