Jim Jones Offers One Of The Realest Interviews Ever, Talks Cam’ron & Max B


(AllHipHop News) Jim Jones recently made headlines by signing to Jay Z’s Roc Nation and now he is back to making news for an interview with Hot 97’s Funk Master Flex.

In the interview, Jim Jones talks about his long-standing feud with former partner-in-rhyme Cam’ron. He say that he rode hard for Cam, but many times that was not a mutual sentiment.

In one infamous instance, it seems like Cam’ron left his “capo” to fend for himself in a massive brawl at New York’s Rucker Park.

“There’s never been a time when I backed down from any situation in this world, except God,” Jones says tearfully and passionately. “And I’ve been up against 20, 30 deep by myself when nias left me by myself. And I escaped those situations and still come back and give nias high-five.”

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The former Dipset capo also talked of another instance where he caught a gun charge for defending Cam and unnamed individuals wanted him to plead out.

Jim’s issues with Max B are examined in the interview, which spans over and hour and a half.
Of Max B, Jim Jones says, “He could die where he stands, but I ain’t got time to talk about a person in jail. You violate me a certain type of way, that’s for life. Let’s see how long it takes for him to come out [of prison]. If he comes out and I’m still into it, I’mma bust his a##.”

Check out the entire interview below.