EXCLUSIVE: Jim Jones Shows Artist Vision Board For New Vamp Life Record Label

Dipset co-founder Jim Jones has launched a brand new venture with a mission to discover new talent.

Additional reporting by: Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur (@chuckcreekmur)

(AllHipHop News) Harlem rapper Jim Jones is diversifying his business portfolio with the launch of a forward-thinking businesses

Jim’s using his popular Vamp Life brand to spinoff a record label to incubate brand new artists while grooming them for the next level of their careers. 

“I would want somebody to give me the same type of advice that I could give to this younger generation of younger artists,” Jim Jones told AllHipHop of the driving mission behind his latest imprint.

“This is not a label deal. I’m giving you…I’m just giving you a platform to get your business, right. And labels look at certain things,” Jim Jones added. “And if they see that you’re already in the lane of doing good business, it even gives you a hand up when it comes to doing further business with them. ”

Jim Jones is already hard at work in discovering new talent. He’s had his A&R hat on for the past several months, in a hunt for new rap stars. 

Jim has more than enough experience to run his new record label. In addition to being a member of the hit group The Diplomats, he also served as CEO of Diplomat Records.  

Jim Jones also presided over the Byrd Gang record label, which was distributed by Asylum. 

“[If] we put a project out together through VL/Empire and you end up popping in a year and end up doing other business with bigger labels, however, it may go, you still have that same distribution that you could put other artists through and funnel them to the same distribution,” Jim Jones told AllHipHop.com. “And it kind of works in your favor that way by no means nobody is locked in.”

During an interview with AllHipHop, Jim showed off his vision board and some of the artists he has his eye on.

Take a look: