Joe Budden Accuses Spotify Of Pillaging His Audience

Joe Budden is ending his relationship with Spotify, and taking his hit podcast somewhere else over a contract dispute.

(AllHipHop News) Former rapper and now bankable podcast host Joe Budden has taken back the full reins of his self-titled podcast.

For the last two years, “The Joe Budden” Podcast with Rory and Mal has been exclusively premiered on the streaming platform Spotify.

The New Jersey native basically told everyone that he has ended his deal and relationship with the company because he was not happy with how they got down in business.

Joe made the announcement on this week’s episode, stating that his deal expires in several weeks on September 23 and that he and his team are currently searching for the next move.

He said on the show, “September 23, I cannot tell you where this podcast will be.”

Adding to the thought, “But as it stands, I can tell you where it will not be, and that is Spotify… Spotify never cared about this podcast individually… only cared about our contribution to the platform.”

On a different platform, the sports podcast “The Ringer” he noted that his podcast was being undervalued. He believed that what they did value was the community of listeners that he brought to the platform.

“You pillage the audience from the podcast, and you’ve continued to pillage each step of the way without any regard [for the listeners],” Joe Budden said.

No word what other companies are vying for his attention, but with the ratings being so high, he can surely get a bag worth on his gifts.