Joe Budden Claims Drake Messaged Him About Releasing 25 Diss Records For $10,000


(AllHipHop News) Joe Budden’s ongoing musical assault against Drake could have been further ignited by a direct message from the OVO frontman.

The Be Honest With Cari Champion podcast caught up with Budden to talk about his current feud. The “Making A Murderer Part 1” rapper discussed an online interaction he allegedly had with Drake.

“For me, there was absolutely zero to say at all, and then he sent me a very passive-aggressive [Instagram] DM. I didn’t even know how to take it,” Budden revealed. “Then he continued to send them. I said, ‘Whoa, okay.’ That’s why I couldn’t tell you we’re cool today because it sounded like a man who was very hurt and didn’t want to talk to Joe.”

The New Jersey native continued to speak on the supposed DMs from Drake, “He started off with, ‘I would like to formally invite you to one of my four Madison Square Garden shows, August 4… And I bet you can’t release 25 diss records between now and then.’ So then there was the laughing emoji. I don’t know if he’s laughing or joking at this point. Then he followed that with, ‘If you can, I will give you $10,000. Lol. Joey!!!’ I didn’t know how to take that.”

According to the Slaughterhouse member, he replied to the messages by telling Drake he could possibly get to 20 diss tracks by that date.

Budden also doubled-down on his claim that Drake got cosmetic surgery performed on his abs.

“We’ve never heard of a male emcee [getting liposuction]. That’s why it’s a big deal. That’s the only reason it’s even funny,” offered Budden. “I would never say it just to poke fun. That’s accurate.”

Listen to Joe Budden’s interview below.