Joe Budden Selling Merchandise Featuring Meme Of Him Running After Drake Fans


(AllHipHop News) Why not try to capitalize off an online craze that you started?

Birdman did just that after photoshoppers blasted him for his infamous “Put some respek on my name!” quote.

Joe Budden is taking advantage of his heavily memed moment as well.

The New Jersey spitter became the butt of jokes from the collective Internet after he was caught on video chasing down a few Drake fans that showed up at his residence.

From the very beginning, Budden seemed to be fine with the public laughing at the incident.

He posted on Twitter that same day, “These are some of the greatest memes ever, but I truly hope u kids don’t make running up to ppl’s homes a thing.”

The Slaughterhouse member is now looking to make money from the ordeal.

Budden is selling hats and t-shirts featuring the image of him in mid-sprint which was lifted from the Drake fans’ clip.

Check out some of Joe Budden’s new merchandise in the gallery below.