Joe Budden Slams Logic As “Pander King” After His Comments About Depression

Joe Budden-Logic

The podcaster says he plans to call the Def Jam rapper live on air for his next episode.

(AllHipHop News) Anyone that listens to The Joe Budden Podcast knows the show’s leader is not a fan of Bobby “Logic” Hall’s music or his rap skills. It seems Logic is clearly aware that Budden is one of his most outspoken critics.

“He’s a person who’s led to part of my depression, some of my darkest spaces,” stated Logic about Joe Budden during an interview with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg.

Budden discussed Logic while on Instagram Live with Lupe Fiasco. When asked if he would apologize to the Maryland rapper, Budden responded, “Hell no. Lupe, are you starting my f*cking work week off this way? No, n*gga. I’m doubling down as soon as I get in there [to record the next podcast].”

This comes after Budden did offer a mea culpa to Logic on episode 364 of the JBP. The retired rapper said, “Last week, I came in here feeling pretty tumultuous. Fresh out of Twitter jail, unable to properly read the room. And just hating myself and life, honestly. Unfortunately, I projected some of that onto you, [Logic]. And for that, I want to apologize.”

While chatting with Lupe, Joe Budden apparently retracted his previous apology and continued to slam the No Pressure album creator. The 39-year-old commentator even seemed to accuse Logic of trying to get sympathy from the masses in a manipulative way.

“I’m not apologizing. Exactly what he said is exactly why I said what I said. He is pander king,” declared Budden. The State of the Culture host added, “If your mental health is off to the point that you would like to kill yourself, over something that a stranger has said maybe three times at the most. Then there’s some other work that needs to be done, that’s all. You don’t go on a promo run to discuss it. I don’t want anybody to die.”