John Legend Apologizes For Elevating Prosecutor Accused Of Sexual Assault

Adam John Foss is denying he had “nonconsensual sexual relations” with any woman.

Criminal justice reform advocate Adam John Foss is facing multiple sexual assault allegations. The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office retained an outside law firm to do an independent investigation into whether the former prosecutor in the Massachusetts county engaged in any illegal behavior.

In a medium post titled “The Wolf and the Whisper Network” published on November 17, singer Raegan Sealy accused Foss of raping her in 2017. A separate “Adam John Foss: a Virus in the System” Medium post was written by “a group of women” who also shared stories of Foss’s alleged sexual misconduct. He was also accused of infecting sexual partners with HSV2 without informing them that he was carrying the disease.

Foss publicly stated that he recognized his “callous and insensitive behavior” has caused people “anguish,” but he denied engaging in any “nonconsensual sexual relations.” Even with that denial, EGOT winner John Legend took to Twitter this week to distance himself and his FreeAmerica campaign to end mass incarceration from the accused rapist.


Legend tweeted:

In 2015 we (my org @freeamerica, @tystiklorius and I) helped elevate Adam John Foss and the concept of progressive prosecutors. I later learned that he used his platform to harm women. He used my name and association to gain credibility, and while we are committed to a world where people’s lives aren’t defined by their mistakes, it’s unacceptable to use one’s power and influence to harm women. We are so sorry to all of the women he has harmed.

“This will not be a quick or easy process and it is important to give anyone that may have their own story to share the time and space to do so in a safe and comfortable way,” Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins told WBUR-FM. “Every investigation will be investigated fairly and thoroughly.”

Adam John Foss served as a Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney from 2008 to 2016. Rollins acknowledged she has a personal relationship with Foss, so the Goodwin Procter law firm is handling the independent investigation. Boston police are also looking into the matter.