John Legend Blasts Ted Cruz’s Call For Door Reform To Stop School Shootings

‘The Voice’ judge refers to the Republican politician as a toady of the NRA.

EGOT winner John Legend can be very outspoken when it comes to social and political issues. Following the deadly mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Texas, the R&B singer/songwriter slammed Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s response to the tragedy.

A gunman killed nineteen students and two teachers during the Uvalde massacre on May 24. Ted Cruz argued adding more armed personnel in schools would help prevent fatal incidents like the one at Robb Elementary.

John Legend saw footage of Ted Cruz speaking with the media. The Bigger Love album creator did not hold back in blasting the polarizing Republican politician in a series of tweets on Thursday morning.

The Singer Calls Ted Cruz A “Slimy Coward”

“Evil nonsense. The answer for the NRA and its toadies like Ted is ALWAYS that we need MORE guns. They’d rather ‘harden’ our schools than deal with the problem. We already have the most guns in the world,” tweeted John Legend.

He added, “The NRA represents gun manufacturers. They need you to buy more guns. Their answer will continue to be to ratchet up the civilian arms race. So much blood is on their hands… I can’t imagine why any Texan would want this slimy coward representing such a proud state.”

A Police Officer Was At The School During The Uvalde Shooting

John Legend also pointed out that Robb Elementary reportedly had armed security at the location. The gunman was still able to pull off the horrific act because he had an AR-15 and body armor. There have also been reports that law enforcement officers at the scene did not quickly enter the school to confront the shooter.

In addition, Ted Cruz suggested passing legislation that would ensure all doors at schools are locked as a way to hamper armed shooters. John Legend reacted to the junior Senator from Texas by tweeting, “Dear God. The idiocy. No gun reform. Just door reform from Ted Cruz.”