John Legend Calls Donald Trump’s Campaign “Racist”, Talks President Obama’s Legacy (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) According to polls, Donald Trump is currently in trouble in his quest to be the next president. The Republican nominee’s regular controversial statements have alienated a lot of potential voters.

Grammy-winner John Legend sat down with The Lowdown with Diana Madison. The conversation included the Southside With You film producer discussing Trump.

“That’s been the theme of his whole campaign is like brown people, people of different countries, we should treat them differently and they’re not like us and they have to meet a different test for them to be really American,” said Legend. “He’s been treating the President like that for a few years now.”

The R&B star added, “It’s very disrespectful and it’s racist also.”

Southside With You is a love story about Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson Obama’s first date in 1989. Legend also spoke about the Obama’s legacy as public figures.

“I think they’ve been a remarkable couple, just on a personal level how they’ve raised their daughters and how they’ve presented as a couple to the public I think has been beautiful to see,” stated Legend. “And then secondly as politicians, as leaders of the country and the free world, I think they’ll leave behind a record of a lot of success.”

Watch John Legend’s interview below.