Joyner Lucas Video Banned From YouTube For Children’s Policy Violations

Joyner Lucas

Joyner Lucas is heated that YouTube banned the video for his dope new single “Dreams Unfold” featuring Lil Tjay, because it was inappropriate for children!

Another rapper is canceled for stretching the boundaries of creativity.

After Joyner Lucas dropped his new single “Dreams Unfold” featuring Lil TJay, a whole controversy around what’s inappropriate for kids started to spew up.

The ramblings became so loud that YouTube eventually took the video down, even though the it keeps popping up on other channels.

One of the reasons people pressed pause on the visual was because it incorporated adult themes into popular children’s programs. An example was taking Blues Clues and flipping it to Booze Clues.

Another example was taking the popular anti-narcotic slogan, “Say No to Drugs” and flipping it to “Say Yes to Drugs.” The video also showed a jolly ole’ St. Nick and his elf getting drunk and puppets watching strippers dance on a pole.

But Lucas’ video was not removed only because of the content, but because it seemed to be marketed to children.

It violates YouTube’s Child Safety policy. The policy is clear that content with “misleading family content” and includes “sexual themes, violence, and obscenity or other mature themes not suitable for young audiences” will not be accepted.

It further states in its directions for content creators the following:

“Family-friendly cartoons that target young minors and contain adult or age-inappropriate themes such as violence, sex, death, drugs, and more. Make sure your titles, descriptions, and tags match the audience
you’re targeting. In addition, ensure your audience selection accurately represents the audience your content is suitable for. You can also age restrict your content upon upload if it’s intended for mature audiences.

The Massachusetts-born rapper took to social media in a since-deleted post, to tell fans that he has been censored.

“Been on calls going back and forth for the last 24 hours. Smh I’m all set. You got that. ‘My escape’ dropping 9/3..”

In the image, he was more direct and said, “Smh wow. They tryna sensor me now. Smh It’s all good tho I’m not going back and forth Nomore about it… I got more videos in the can anyways. ‘My escape ‘dropping 9/3 .. … …”

Wondering if the next single will be a little tamer.