JT Responds To Young Fan Asking If She’s Beefing With Nicki Minaj

The teenager says he’s a huge supporter of both women.

Throughout her career, Nicki Minaj has publicly feuded with the likes of Lil Kim, Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Remy Ma, Cardi B, and others. It appears one of the City Girls is not currently on that hit list.

JT held an Instagram Live session where she spoke with a teenage boy named Logan. During the online interaction, the young fan questioned the South Florida representative about possibly having personal issues with Minaj.

“I honestly was surprised that you’ve never done a song with Nicki Minaj. Do you have any beef with her?” asked Logan. JT lovingly responded, “Oh, no, baby. I don’t got no beef.” They both also expressed their love for the 38-year-old Hip Hop legend.

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The clip of JT and Logan began circulating on social media which prompted the “Act Up” rapper to comment on the situation. She uploaded footage from her Instagram Live to her main IG page with a message about spreading negativity.

“This little boy been asking me to go live with him for the longest. He’s so innocent & sweet. I hate how people try to make everything negative. He’s 13. & a fan of us all. I was honestly not in the mood. I hate when ppl take the worst out of s###,” wrote JT in the IG caption.

In 2019, clips of a pre-fame JT dissing Nicki, Cardi, and other female rap stars resurfaced on the internet. The other City Girls member, Yung Miami, had to defend her musical partner against the criticism over the old audio because JT was incarcerated at the time.

Last year, JT also spoke about stans trolling her online. She said, “It don’t matter if it’s Cardi fans or Nicki fans. I think they both got the two biggest fanbases. They harass you. If you tweet something, they’re in your comments. They talk s### about you. They create these narratives but it never be a problem. And ain’t nobody gonna bully me.”