Judge Greg Mathis Accused Of Flashing Gun At City Workers On His Block

The TV judge says he felt threatened but never pulled out his weapon.

Judge Greg Mathis, the straight-talking TV judge, might be appearing in someone else’s court. According to TMZ, Mathis has been accused of pulling a gun out on city employees and now, the Los Angeles Police Department is involved.

Mathis allegedly threatened multiple employees of the L.A. Department of Water and Power with a firearm, flashing his gun after he was asked to move his vehicle on Tuesday (July 25). The employees were working in his community and wanted to move down the block to another resident in need of their service.

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Mathis denies city employees’ account of the event. He says he was actually being blocked in and wasn’t able to pull out of his driveway.

The television star said the altercation escalated when he got out of his car and stood in the middle of the street. As the employee continued to berate him, threatening to run him over with his work truck, Mathis said he felt threatened.

At that point, Mathis said he told the worker that he had a weapon but never flashed or pointed it at anyone that day.

The incident eventually subsided, and the workers were able to complete the job. However, they reported the incident to the LAPD. Law enforcement is currently reviewing the case to see if any charges should be leveled against Mathis.