Judge Joe Brown Says He Will Sue If People Say He Sexually Assaulted Sheryl Lee Ralph

Fans are split on if they believe him.

Judge Joe Brown, a tough-talking television judge that holds the honor of being the first African American person to preside over a long-running courtroom series, wants everyone to know he never sexually assaulted actress Sheryl Lee Ralph. He promises he will sue anyone who publicly names him as the person she spoke about in a recent interview with Angela Yee.

Lee Ralph said during a clip of the interview from the “Way Up” show now surfacing on the internet, “I could tell you another time this was a famous TV judge, not Judge Mathis, I love him … He’s a great man … not him …  another one.”

“I’m at a very public place …  I had my suit on. I was handling my business for the television show I was on at that time. He and I were on the same network,” she recalled. “This man walked in, grabbed me by the back of my neck, turned me around, and rammed his nasty tongue down my throat.”

She said she was outraged, claiming everyone from the network saw it.

Lee Ralph said she called Marc H. Moriel, the former mayor of New Orleans and current President of the National Urban League, to ask him for support. But she did not leave a name.

The public named it for her alleging that the mystery judge was Judge Joe Brown.

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The syndicated O.G., who before he retired was only second to Judge Judy as the longest-running judge show on air, quickly denied being the man in question. He also said no one should play with his name either.

“This is a warning. I might bring in my legal crew and proceed for defamation of character,” he said. “You see when they put my face next to hers and they start doing that little stuff there, that becomes innuendo.”

Adding, “that’s very destructive to my reputation.”

According to Brown, he has a “long track record of ensuring that women get justice,” and has spent “the last half-century protecting womanhood and promoting manhood.”

Fans hit the comment section of The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram post saying, “A hit dog” I mean yeah, they been hitting him on Twitter since it came out. Why we acting like the assumption wasn’t made🙄.”Another person said, giving the judge the benefit of a doubt, “Y’all acting dense like some people have addressed, he’s not a hit dog hollering that man is being accused of something serious with facts or proof from the horse’s mouth. Y’all are the problem and then y’all act dumb and even dumber when proven wrong.”