Judge Rules $1 Billion Lawsuit Alleging Jay-Z Is “Garbage” Is “Clearly Baseless”

A judge is through playing games with a guy who filed a billion-dollar lawsuit against Jay-Z and others.

(AllHipHop News) A guy who tried to sue Roc Nation boss Jay-Z for a billion dollars was shut down by a judge who threw the whole case out of court for being frivolous.

Eric Zermeno filed a handwritten lawsuit against Jay-Z back in August, claiming the Roc Nation founder’s “rap music is very garbage.”

Due to court federal law, the court was obligated to review the complaint to determine if the filing is frivolous or malicious.

“Such is the case here as the facts alleged, and any legal claims for damages as a result of those allegations, are ‘clearly baseless,'” ruled Judge Philip P. Simon.

Judge Simon is familiar with Eric Zermeno and his antics since his lawsuit against Hov is not the first one he has filed.

According to court records, Zermeno has filed lawsuits against President Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, McDonald’s employees who ruined his “vibe” and Nissan and Porsche, for mining his brain to steal the designs for their new high-end cars.

Judge Simon has officially warned Eric Zermeno against filing any more frivolous lawsuits or “he may be fined, sanctioned, or restricted.”